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What is The Role of Concrete Waterproofing in Construction?

The construction industry is constantly developing. For this reason, huge buildings with multiple floors are becoming common around us. It is important to save the structures from various potential damage factors to maintain their durability. Water damage is one such factor. If the building’s foundation is exposed to water for a long time, it can eventually damage and lose its strength. A special construction material known as waterproof concrete is used to deal with water damage issues effectively. Mostly, some specific admixtures are mixed with the concrete to give it waterproofing abilities.

Along with preserving a structure’s durability, waterproof concrete has various other benefits that describe its role in construction. We have explained the top advantages below. So, without any further delay, let’s check them out.

Advantages of Using Waterproof Concrete in Construction

Improves The Structural Strength

Although, concrete is a naturally durable construction material that possesses good strength levels. But, when it constantly remains in contact with water, it starts to lose its strength with time. Therefore, something must be done to avoid contact with water in the building.

Waterproof concrete keeps the structure safe from various damages, as it is impermeable. It means that it doesn’t allow any fluid to pass through itself. Hence, the building will remain safe if the water is unable to make its way through the concrete particles.

So, waterproof concrete helps avoid damage caused due to moisture, such as corrosion, rusting, deterioration, and more. The water can also enter the building through the roof in a similar way as it can through the foundation. Hence, it is important to use the construction material for various sections of the structure throughout the building. 

Prevents The Development of Mould

If the moisture is absorbed by the building and is not removed for a long time, mould can eventually develop in the building. It is a type of fungi that can be generally seen on the walls and ceilings of moisture-affected buildings. Humid, closed, and moist rooms are favorable for the growth of mould.

Mould not only affects the appearance of the building but also brings some health hazards with it. And most importantly, it negatively affects the durability of the building. Consequently, the walls and ceilings start to deteriorate in the form of flakes, which are created on their surface.

In such a situation, waterproofing concrete is the most effective way to prevent mould growth. As mentioned above, this type of fungi can only grow in moisture. Waterproof concrete ensures that no moisture is deposited in the structure. As a result, there is no mould as well. So, waterproof concrete not only maintains the structure’s durability but also helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the living space. 

Enhances The Value of Property

The strength and appearance of the building are two important factors that affect its market value. For this reason, if a building looks good and has satisfactory strength levels, it has more value in the market and vice versa.

Using waterproof concrete while constructing a building helps maintain a good property value for the upcoming years. Because there is reduced wear and tear in different sections of the building. It keeps the structures safe from water damage and thereby preserves the property value.

Minimises The Maintenance Charges

Some people think adding waterproofing admixtures to the concrete can increase the construction project’s expense. However, waterproofing concrete can actually help you save money in the long run because the maintenance charges are minimised.

If water seeps into the walls, floors, or ceilings, various building sections are affected, and you need to facilitate proper repair and maintenance for that. For instance, if the wirings and electric connections come in contact with water, you need to change them and implement new ones. Similarly, if the building’s walls develop mould; you need to get the paint job done again.

All these expenses can increase the maintenance charges that take a toll on your pocket. However, with the help of waterproof concrete, you don’t need to invest a large amount in maintenance. Because problems caused due to moisture or water don’t occur in the first place. This way, you can cut down the maintenance charges and save money.

Common Applications of Waterproof Concrete

Buildings in Flood Prone Areas

Waterproof concrete is the best for areas, where the frequency of floods is more. To effectively cope with the water damage, the structures need to be made from a material that is safe from the deteriorating effects of moisture. This way, even if the water gets collected around the building for a few days, its strength levels stay intact.

Structures in High Water Table Areas

There is always a risk of moisture seeping through the building’s foundation if the respective structure is located in a high water table area. Concrete waterproofing is used to ensure that the foundation of the buildings stays strong. For such type of construction, specific admixtures are mixed with regular concrete, and the material is poured into the foundation.

High Rise Buildings

As mentioned above, waterproof concrete is a considerable part of every construction project that involves multi-story buildings. As such structures require comparatively high strength levels, waterproof concrete is added to various sections. Consequently, such high-rise buildings last for years without getting damaged by water. 

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If you are constructing a building at a location where heavy rainfall and humidity stay throughout the year, you should preferably use waterproof concrete. Similarly, if the respective structure stays in contact with the water all the time, like swimming pools, water tanks, etc., waterproofing the concrete is the best solution. This pretty much sums up the role of waterproof concrete in construction.

Besides, we have also mentioned and explained some of the key benefits that waterproof concrete offers over regular concrete. However, the quality of the waterproof concrete is also a crucial thing to consider for getting the best results in construction. That’s why you should always get the waterproof concrete supply from a reputable concrete provider near you.

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