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What Are Some Of The Main Reasons For Lab Grown Diamond Rings?

Lab grown diamond rings are becoming more and more popular. But many people still don’t understand why they’re so great. Because they’re grown in labs using highly advanced technology. Lab grown diamond rings can be made to perfectly match the cut, clarity, and color of mined diamonds, but they’re much less expensive to purchase because they’re mass-produced in laboratories instead of dug out of the ground in mines. Beyond their lower price tag, there are several other great reasons that you should choose a lab grown diamond ring over one that came out of the ground.

The Market For Artificial Diamonds Is Growing.

Lab grown diamonds are much more environmentally friendly than mined diamonds. If every person in America stopped buying mined diamonds and switched to lab-grown ones, over 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions would be prevented each year! This means that switching from mined to artificial diamonds has huge environmental implications (along with a lot of other benefits that we’ll get into later). There’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch from mined to synthetic when it comes time to buy a new piece of jewelry. It’s better for your wallet, better for your loved one, and better for our planet. It just makes sense. The most common reason people choose lab grown diamond rings is that they’re ethical and cost-effective. However, there are many other reasons why lab grown diamond bracelets might be right for you: Read on to learn about all of them!

Why Does The Market Need Artificial Diamonds?

The market for lab grown diamonds has been growing steadily, despite there being no real incentive to buy them. That’s changing, though as lab grown technology evolves. More and more shoppers see an actual reason to opt for an artificial ring or bracelet. Some might choose it because they simply can’t afford real stone others want a gem that doesn’t support blood diamonds or unethical mining practices. In other words, lab grown diamonds aren’t going away anytime soon. And if you’re looking to make one of your next big purchase. These are all great reasons why you might consider making it artificial—or at least giving it a shot before turning up your nose at such lesser goods!

Benefits Of Buying A Lab Created Diamond Ring Over A Mined One.

There are several benefits to buying a lab created diamond ring. One is that they do not come with all of the issues that can be associated with diamonds that have been mined. There is no concern over blood diamonds and there is no danger of putting your safety in jeopardy by buying a diamond ring. Additionally, as long as you buy from an authorized reseller. You will know exactly what you are getting. When it comes to mined diamonds, there is always going to be doubt and worry about what was done in order to get it out of the ground. There can also be instances where things were done illegally. This raises questions about how many other people may have suffered at their hands to get a stone into your jewelry box.

Is It Ethical To Buy An Artificial Diamond?

Just because a diamond is lab-grown doesn’t mean it’s fake. Lab grown diamonds just go through a different process than diamonds mined from Earth. So even though they come from similar materials and circumstances. They aren’t identical. To most people that means there is a difference in their quality and in how much they cost. Buying an artificial or lab grown diamond means you might be getting better quality (and paying less) than buying a natural one, but depending on what you value as important to your jewelry’s quality. You may want to think twice before buying an artificially made gemstone. That said, is it ethical to buy an artificial diamond?

How Much Do They Cost Compared To Natural Ones?

More specifically, lab grown diamonds cost just 20% as much as natural ones. Lab grown diamonds can be 30 times stronger than natural ones and their clarity is superior to even most mined diamonds. What’s more, lab grown diamonds cost exactly what they should: a fraction of what real ones do. When you factor in all these factors, it’s easy to see why so many couples choose lab-grown over mined when looking for a quality diamond at an affordable price point. The difference is huge! If a man were to buy his girlfriend or wife a mined diamond that retails for $10,000 (1 carat), he’d spend nearly half his annual salary on that one piece of jewelry. With lab grown diamonds, though, he could purchase an equivalent size/quality stone that looks identical to its natural counterpart (if not better) while spending only $800 – $1,200 – roughly 10% of his annual salary! That’s a HUGE difference in affordability with zero compromises on quality.

While we don’t think men should have to break the bank just to show how much they love their significant other, we also believe there’s no reason for them to have to make such extreme sacrifices either. Lab grown diamonds provide men with a viable alternative without having to sacrifice quality or take out a second mortgage on their home. And we think that’s pretty awesome! So if you’re thinking about buying your sweetheart something special but don’t want her walking around like Kanye West because of how expensive it was…or worse yet, being stuck with a rock she doesn’t like because she thought she had no other options…consider lab grown diamond bracelets. It might save your relationship AND your sanity!

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