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What After MA Economics? Top 5 Career fields After This Course

Economics has been a widely preferred and evergreen subject that covers various topics like insurance, finance, trade and commerce, business management, business management, banking and more. It becomes more promising when it is backed by a PG degree. It can easily provide you with many career opportunities as the field of economics is very large. 

To back up your skills, you can also do short-term job-oriented courses after your MA in Economics too. There is a massive demand for economic graduates in national and MNC companies. This is due to globalization in the world of economy. 

College Vidya has explained the top 5 career fields you can choose after your master’s degree in Economics. Let’s have a look at each point. 

Pursue a Job in Banking, Financial, Services and Insurance 

BFSI is one of the largest sectors where several job opportunities arise every year that fit the Economics graduates. If you have done a master’s degree, then it’s good to go with BFSI as this sector deals in various aspects like development, financial organizations, the economy of the country, ministries etc. 

You can choose job opportunities in banks and international financial organizations too through BFSI. The job opportunities that this sector provides are Clerks, banking development officers, branch managers, economic advisors etc. 

Actuary and Data Analytics Field

Actuary or actuarial science focuses on various aspects of finance that help businesses and organizations to function and grow. The individuals should have sound knowledge of asset management, liability management, understanding of data analytics, valuation skills and management of financial activities etc. After MA in Economics, you can easily grab many job opportunities like liability manager, financial assistant, Data executive, Data processing manager etc. 

Research and Consultancy

The graduates of Economics can easily choose the sector of research and consultancy as it offers many career opportunities with the eligibility for a master’s degree with a good score in Economics. For finding career opportunities in this sector, you should know various skills like statistical data, forecasting of data and weather, data analysis, Economical and statistical norms etc. The candidates should be aware of various other issues like taxes and regulations as a whole. 

Apart from these things, after completing the Master’s degree in Economics, you can join consultancy firms dealing with the Economics sector like labour, telecommunications, finance and labour issues etc. The consultancy sector executes most of the work through the use of consultants. 

Jobs Education Sector 

Candidates after completing a master’s degree in Economics can easily start their career as entry-level teachers by passing the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET). The teaching profession is one of the most flourishing career opportunities after completing a master’s degree program. Candidates are responsible for various things like concepts, theories and principles of Economics. After an MA degree in hand, you can also do B.Ed to get more chances of becoming a teacher of Economics. You can qualify NET to be eligible for the training of an assistant professor or lecturer to teach in colleges. 


With a master’s degree in Economics, you will know the basic concepts and market trends of market economics with profitable sectors better through in-depth knowledge. You can easily become an entrepreneur to start your own venture in the business related to Economics. With your skills, you can drive your business towards a profitable goal.  

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