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Using Instagram guides to increase engagement: Tips and Tricks

Instagram nowadays is trying to become everything, from a photo-sharing platform to a marketplace, a YouTube competing for the app to now a blog site. Yes, you heard that right, a literal Blog site. This is a great way of acquiring reach. However, such secondary ways of acquiring reach are useless without buying followers. Buy real Instagram followers the UK. Instagram guides is a relatively newer feature and allow the users to write their experiences about three things, namely

  • Places
  • Products
  • Posts

This is Instagram’s new thing, pushing it as forward as it can and rewarding people who use it, the same case as with Instagram rules and IGTV.

Following are a few tips and tricks to use Instagram guides the right way

Using Instagram Guides The Right Way:

Instagram guided is a fresh feature offered by Instagram, and many of you may not yet be educated on how to extract the level best from this feature; this will be a short yet informative How- guide.

1.      Make A lot of guides:

Make a lot of guides and post them consistently; the more guides there are about a certain thing or even on different subjects, the more likely is Instagram to feature it, People are more likely to come across that, and you Are much more likely to have a Healthy, interactive audience.

2.      Recycle old content:

Instagram guides provide you with a great medium where you can recycle content you posted maybe a year ago or so. This very useful feature saves you from the trouble of reposting old stuff. Instead, you can compile all your material related to a specific topic, create a post guide, post it on your feed, or maybe top it up by posting it to your story.

3.      Make Informative guides:

Make guides on honest reviews, portray your honest thoughts on a certain place or product, and don’t sell your thoughts for some money. This adds to your credibility and frames your trust. People will ultimately recognize you as a trusted source of information, which will consequently increase your reach.

4.      Promote your products:

Promote your business by creating guides, which are just blog posts on your posts, telling people about your product without channeling it to an external source. Keep it all on Instagram; Instagram respects when you make people stop and stare at content for long, and the algorithm rewards you by increasing your reach; people will find your handle easier. You will see groundbreaking results in a few months if you remain sincere in the task. Promote your products and services and write attractive details about them in a formal blog post. Top it off with a link to buy your products, and you will see a rise in your sales, and you can thank us later for that.

  • Attractive photos:

Make sure to make your front photo the one by which your guide is recognized. this will boost the guide impressions and result in more people reading the guide

6.      SEO optimized caption:

Word around is that the Instagram search engine will now be SEO-based, meaning that hashtags will no longer hold much value but keywords; it is very important to develop an optimized caption that can quickly be ranked. This might require some insight and research, or you could hire an SEO expert.

7.      Product guides:

Product guides are worth a hit and are the most engaging of the three categories. The Product guides are guides centered around certain products. Find the best and most engaging media to post it with, and it might make its way into the Instagram shop.

8.      Post on stories:

You can post all the guides in the world and make them as good as possible, and not a soul would know. To make people aware and let them know that you have posted a valuable piece of information, you can post the guide on your story; this way, more people will open the guide and give it a look. If it genuinely has eye-stopping good content, your followers are likely to post it on their stories, increasing engagement.

9.      Keep updating your guides:

Keep updating your guides with new information and replenish it, every time you do so, post it on the story with some hashtags to let the people know

10.  How to and Reasons why’s:

Make sure to create guides that are on the pattern of how to? How to use a certain product or travel to a certain place, and so on. This makes the guide immediately very attractive and will reach more audience


Guides are still an underused feature in a shady corner of Instagram. You can always have the first-mover advantage and play around with this feature. This has promising results. Also, make sure to get the very best out of your Marketing by buying followers. Buy real Instagram followers in the UK, and don’t forget to buy real likes UK.

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