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The spectacular hot air balloon experience in Goa


Most outdoor adventures outdoors let you enjoy the beauty of at least just two primary elements of nature: air, land, and water. So, it’s not surprising that Goa’s hot balloon option is a source of attention from adrenaline seekers. It lets them simultaneously be awestruck by the three elements.

Participants can enjoy the breathtaking view of the golden beaches of sand that extend far into the sea while they fly across the sky. You can also see the stunning view of all three of these elements forming on the horizon simply by changing their angle of view.

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About the sport

A balloon ride in Goa offers an adrenaline-filled experience that’s unparalleled. Although it isn’t difficult, it gives those who love adventure the thrill they’ve been waiting for. Most of the cycling events are in the mornings and evenings to keep cyclists from the discomfort of the heat in the afternoon.

  • The riders can take rides during sunrise to catch the breathtaking view of the sun rising, shining its golden light across the beautiful landscape.
  • The rides are fun for families and can be a relaxing event, however, couples seeking an escape for their loved ones prefer these rides more.
  • Every adventurer should make plans to take a hot air balloon ride in Goa at least once in their life.
  • It’s certain to be the most memorable experience.


1. A Flight at any time is priced at 9,900 per experience

It is the anytime ticket that permits customers to take advantage of their hot air balloon ride at any time either in the morning or evening it is the most popular balloon flight ticket for those seeking an unforgettable hot air balloon experience.


Certificate of flight for a special event that was issued by the pilot. internationally recognized safety and security norms

Enjoy the hot air balloon for about 40 to 1 hour.

Flight booking options via email or telephone authorized trip operators and sales agents.

International safety standards for safety.

2. A Couple’s Exclusive Flight for two costs 49,900

Experience the intimate feeling that comes with a balloon flight for you and your favorite guest (with the pilot, of course). For anniversaries, engagement parties, or other special events, or as a unique gift to guests and your special balloon rides are ideal.


Certificate of flight for a special event that was issued by the pilot. International safety standards and regulations

Enjoy the hot air balloon for between 40 and 1 an hour.

Flight booking options by email or phone authorized trip operator and sales agents.

International norms on security and security.

3. Transfer for surface (round trip)

INR 3000 (WagonR Indigo, Indica Indica, Swift) up to South Goa

INR 4,00 (WagonR Indigo, Indica Swift) to North Goa

Assolda Ground, Chandor, South Goa, Goa is the location for takeoff (Landing location is dependent on the weather conditions and winds)

Flight Schedules

Oct.-Feb. : 6:15 a.m./5:00 p.m. 40 minutes to one hour

March to May: March to May: a.m.or 4:45 p.m. 40 minutes to one hour: (Wind or weather-related conditions could influence the length of time the flight will last)

You can expect the following: A two-hour journey which includes:

  • Welcome and sign in
  • The pilot will inform you.
  • Invited to assist in balloon inflation. Hot balloon ride lasting about an hour
  • The certificate must be presented to you after your pilot has been able to sign (on the request of)
  • We need your help to deflate the balloon, and then return it to the spot where it was launched.
  • What you can count on is two hours of training that include:
  • Welcome and sign in
  • Your pilot will explain the procedure to you.
  • Invited to assist in balloon inflation. A hot balloon ride lasting about an hour
  • The certificate must be presented to you after your pilot has completed (on your request)
  • We need your help to lower the balloon and return it to the spot where it was launched from.


Things to be aware of:

It is important to be aware that hot air ballooning is completely subject to conditions. If the weather makes ballooning dangerous, flights could be delayed or canceled. Only at 6 early in the day will a decision be taken regarding flight cancellation or delay.

Based on the size of the balloon and size, balloons can be inflated in between 15 and 30 minutes. The majority of balloons are launched before 7 a.m. and inflation usually begins at 6.15 a.m.

To ensure the security of our passenger’s Hot air balloon flights is subject to weather conditions. The flight will be rescheduled to a date that is suitable for both parties.

If you’re not able to travel on the selected date. The most critical conditions for the weather are light winds (12 minimum speed of 12 mph) as well as clear skies, and mild temperatures.

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