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New Year’s 3D crafts for children

Looking for something awesome for the kids to do for New Year? If so, you will love this New Year’s 3D craft for children. This article teaches how to create a super cool New Year’s DIY with our step-by-step tutorial and video. There’s so much to love about this colourful New Year’s craft.

First, the pipe cleaner fireworks coming off the page are amazing. Then the way the tall buildings show up at different intervals on the paper gives an extra dimension to the gadget. It’s a craft that kids will love to create and proudly display at home. 3d drawing

How to make a 3D craft for the New Year

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Begin by pinching your dark blue card stock in half. Cut a small section off the top and side of the card so that the grey background of the card shows through the back of the card. Cut slits along the folded edge of the blue card stock to create openings for the large buildings in your New Year’s craft. We made 10 cuts in total to have five buildings. Try to space out each of your slits on your paper, and each of the two slits should be the same size.

Fold each cut section on the card to create a crease. Open the blue card stock and push each section out of the paper, so they come off the page. See the image above. Take your sheet of grey card stock and fold it in half. Add glue to the back of the blue card stock, leaving the tear-off sections without glue on them.

Open your grey card stock, line up the crease on the grey and blue card stock pieces, and glue the blue piece to the grey piece. Gray cardstock adds extra stability to your New Year’s craft. Cut another sheet of grey card stock in half. Then fold this piece in half. Add glue to the top of the folded piece and glue it to the back of your open card so that it acts as a little support for the back of the card. See the top right image below.

Now is the time to do the fireworks for your New Year’s Eve

For each firework, you will need two sparkly pipe cleaners. Bend each of the pipe cleaners around your finger to make it curled. Place the two pipe cleaners together, forming an X, then wrap the pieces around each other to create a We created three fireworks for our craft, all in different colours. You can design your craft as you see fit.

Place a glue dot on the back of the firework in the middle, and glue it to the top of your craft. Stick all your fireworks on top of your craft. Add stars around your fireworks at the top of your New Year’s DIY to look like a night sky.

Let’s make our tall buildings now.

Cut out five black rectangles from your black card stock for buildings. Then cut out small yellow squares from your yellow card stock. Stick yellow squares on each of your large black buildings for lighted windows Add glue to the bottom of each large building and attach them to the tear-off sections of your blue card stock.

Your New Year 3D creation is complete.

The finished craft is beautiful! The varying slot lengths make each building stand out in a different place on the page, giving the gadget a fun dimension. The fireworks that pop out of the craft page also help give this fun New Year’s Eve firework a three-dimensional feel.

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