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Know Your Patient Solution – KYP The Procedure to keep Safe Patient Privacy

As long as digital transformation is timely, the public health department will continue to provide medical assistance to patients online. However, the health insurance company needs to comment on new cases of the theft of a patient’s personal information. Criminals entrust data breaches and draw workforce from personal data. It then supports illegal medical services, falsely declares insurance benefits, and uses it to buy rare medicines.

Risks are complicated in health systems without appropriate KYP Solutions

The stickers on the edge of scamming several begins of the medical systems. They attend to produce fake credentials they misuse the system’s reserves of their own method, such as theft of medical information and regulation-authorized doctors to fraud other patients with fake treatments to launder money. The benefit of stealing identities also gives a gateway to the assailants for the benefit of the medical system.

With snatch identities they use up the freedom and rights of patients by applying all the release resources provided by the medical powers that be, they even try to get the medical treatment of the customers to reward them foremost them to the level ruination. The other chances and menace include the abuse of the patient’s solitude and personal information with online medical platforms. They lean to take responsive patients’ intelligence for other dark resources of immorality and trafficking. Most protection administrations have strict limitations on the customer’s solitude protection and shielding by the organization. 

Know Your Patients Check

The threats are not totally removed about the new upgrades of AI. Nevertheless, the world is vulnerable to risks of fraud and identity stealing which can lead to negative impacts. To minimize risk, health and safety authorities have developed guidelines to ensure that patient data is safe and used for appropriate resources. To protect patients, health authorities have introduced KYP Know Your Patient. The KYP process is carried out in accordance with the Money Laundering Prevention Law and the Personal Information Theft Prevention Law. Falsely declares insurance benefits and uses them to buy rare medicines. This allows authorities to verify user information before granting access to the medical platform. 

After the pandemic period,  patients were heavily affected by attackers using fake IDs. The loss of this medical certificate shows an increasing and alarming situation every day. Scammers have also begun manipulating the audience with fake vaccines and fake vaccination certificates. This has also caused enormous losses in multiple industries. To protect the identity and its resources, the COVID team has selected a rigorous KYP solution for managing and verifying the vaccination status of users.

Identity Verification of the Patients with KYP 

The patient is validated by knowing the patient’s solution, where the user is fully assessed based on proof of identity. Most healthcare providers use this method to identify patient and protect their services from attackers. The KYP cycle includes rigorous patient reviews from all basic patient reviews, Confirmation of patient age and other security checks.

ID Documents Verification of the Patients 

Customer documents are validated with several checks and ratings, and the healthcare system encourages users to upload all required medical documents to complete the assessment process. These documents contain curative reports, previous invoices, doctor’s remedies, and other medical credentials that prove your identity. 

In an online medical system, users upload images of all the required documents, and the online medical logic takes intelligence from them via OCR technology. Use OCR to read and process your document. To ensure patient reliability, the OCR system compares the information in the document with the data provided by the customer when applying for medical support.

Biometric Verification of the Patient  

Access to the healthcare system is granted to the user after the customer’s biometric evaluation. Biometrics use data such as fingerprints and face scans to identify people. Using an intelligent facial recognition system, users will be enrolled in biometric technology to access the system at a later date. This access route prevents attackers from misusing the healthcare system for their own benefit.

In the Remark of KYP

Nowadays new technologies like AI, and online healthcare systems weren’t as safe as they are today. In 2011, strikers aimed for a digital medical stage created for patient examination. According to Daily News, about 6.7 billion medical records were stolen. Protecting and saving customers from these attacks is to know the patient.

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