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How To Get Rid Of Old Unwanted Office Furniture When Relocating

When you are about to move to a new office, there are a lot of things to sort out and consider doing and most people tend to forget about clearing out the clutter. Once they dwell upon the clutter, then there is a rising question of what to do with old unwanted furniture. Every office relocation or renovation generates dated furniture, equipment, and supplies such as bulky cabinets, worn-out desks, squeaky chairs, and other unused stuff. The solution is not always that simple and sound as we need to look after our environment and pay attention to financial risks. So how to get rid of old unwanted furniture when you are moving to a new office? Read on to find out. 

Do a thorough selection

 Before you start throwing everything out, you have to do a thorough inventory of the things you might need and those that you no longer wish to keep. Once you know how many items you need and what you could throw away, you would know what you can recycle and what you can move to a new office. If you have office furniture in good shape such as sturdy cabinets and desks, it would be advisable to seek help from home and office removals experts to help you move existing furniture to a new office. Consequently, after completing the inventory, you would know what’s garbage and what you can recycle or donate.

Sell some used office furniture

Don’t neglect the fact that some office furniture in good shape can still serve its purpose. The employees can spread the word about relocation and share a good word about some used furniture to third parties so you could sell some products. Homeowners won’t buy 100 used office chairs, but if you have business associates or contact from other companies that are in need of office supplies, you can sell your used furniture for a reasonable price. Search the secondary market as well to see what are some of the desirable products in demand that you can sell at a more lucrative price.

List them on the web

 Once you have checked with your employees whether they can sell some furniture within other institutions, you can re-check your inventory and list some of the items online. By listing used office furniture items online, you can easily reach out to secondary shops and dispose of or sell the rest of the lot you have. There are a lot of online furniture shops on the web that are eager to buy old office furniture and resell them for a reasonable price. In this manner, you would get a solid price for the unwanted office furniture and at the same time downsize your inventory.


 One of the wisest and most eco-friendly ways to get rid of old unwanted office furniture is to make a charitable donation. Many companies tend to neglect this frugal option because it can be time-consuming to inspect the furniture and equipment in advance and then donate it without any malfunctions or damage. Luckily, there are many institutions where office furniture donations would come in handy and some of those are schools and charities. You can also contact your local community and let them provide you with the inspections that seek support. It’s important to note that when you donate furniture you are eligible for a tax write-off which means that you can still end up with some financial gain.

Try recycling

 It’s possible to go for an even greener option of furniture disposal, and that’s recycling. When furniture is no longer suitable for reuse in its current condition, or if the items are too worn out, then those furniture pieces can be separated into recyclable categories and recycled. Fortunately, they can be easily recyclable into categories such as plastics, metals, and timber, and then have them recycled at your local recycling center or by a third-party company for a fair price. Recycling old unwanted office furniture is a fantastic disposal solution as you pay attention to sustainability and at the same time keep up with your relocating goals.

 The best solution for getting rid of dated office furniture might be the combination of the above-mentioned pieces of advice. Take them into consideration carefully and stay green.

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