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How to Get Bigcommerce Ebay Products Listed on The Shopping Tabs

As consumers increasingly turn to ecommerce to meet their needs, it’s more important than ever for retailers and interested shoppers to find each other where so many searches begin quickly. Every day, hundreds of millions of people come to Google for their shopping needs, making the Shopping tab on Google an attractive place for businesses to list their products.

Previously, the Shopping tab consisted only of paid listings but starting today; free listings will appear alongside paid ads in relevant search results in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Czechia and so on.
Shoppers in any of the above-listed countries will have a greater selection of products from more stores. And online retailers selling to those countries can now boost product visibility across

Google for free and increase paid ads with free listings.

Shopify is partnering with Google to make Shopify Google Shopping Actions easy for merchants to sync, submit, and optimize their products for these free listings through Shopify’s Google channel. If you already have products synced through the channel, your approved products can start showing up in relevant results. Bigcommerce Ebay is such an example.

Getting your products listed on the Shopping tab

Eligible merchants can use the Shopify Google Shopping Actions channel to get set up. The first step is to follow the checklist to ensure you meet all of the Google Merchant Center requirements. You can choose any Comparison Shopping Services via the CSS dashboard available in the Google Merchant Center.
Once you have synced your product feed to Google Merchant Center and your products are approved, they can appear in relevant search results.

There are also several steps you can take to optimize your listings and improve their discoverability:

• Make sure your product and store information is detailed and up to date.
• Submit high-quality images of your products that follow Google Merchant Center’s specifications.
• Ensure your product title attributes for each product feed are descriptive—searchers will generally ignore irrelevant titles.
• Consider the specific words your customers would type into Google to find your product and incorporate them naturally into the title and description attributes. Conduct keyword research to validate your assumptions about how people search for your products.
• Include all relevant product feed attributes, such as Size and Gender, to help the right shoppers find the right products.
• Optimize the product type attribute with at least three levels if possible. For example, if you’re selling Dog Blankets, you might use Home & Decor > Furnishings > Bedroom > Blanket > Dog.

Unique Features of Shopify Google Shopping Actions with Multiple-channel software

Multilingual Listing
The software allows businesses and entrepreneurs to present their products in a different language. It is built to allow people from other parts of the country looking for their product to land at the product being produced in other corners. With simplified transportation facilities reaching out to people in remote areas is also possible now with the help of multi-linguistic software.

Platform support to Expand
The Shopify Google shopping would chart the product listing in minutes, thus grabbing the customers’ attention. But many times, the customers need assistance with the product, then the support and the communication required from the business are mandatory. In such cases, the software proves to be helpful to a great extent.
Indeed, adding prints, descriptions, and bar codes on the site would facilitate businesses over the platform. Thus, the handy use of the software to keep track of the entire for higher visibility of the product is some of the perks that helped the business grow exponentially.

Ending Note

The Bigcommerce Ebay has a record listing of various items, but launching your product on multiple ecommerce sites would be easy. The expansion of the business with the help of software has been profitable for many small businesses. Shopify Google Shopping Actions also help you achieve your goal. You can check out our website- channel sale for getting the benefits.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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