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How To Become A Professional Writer & Make Living?


Today getting a writing job is not difficult but making it as a professional writer is challenging. Becoming a professional writer is much more than just getting a job. You must know the different ways to make money from writing and must know things about writing.

No matter what you have decided to write, the important thing is that you become an expert in the sector. But how to be a writer? Very easy, mainly you must write and read a lot, so that all those ideas that come up in your head, take shape on paper.

Since writing is quite a complex task and requires professional help, considering professionals like Monster book writing or individual ghostwriters is always worthwhile. Anyway, here are some of the top tips for becoming an expert writer. 

Write & Read About General Topics

Write and read about all things. And not those works that everyone expects you to read as great classics or fashionable novels. Read about topics that interest you personally or professionally.

It is the only way we know so that you do not get tired and give up; choose the theme you like and if not, change it. Absolutely nothing happens. Reading feeds our imagination, and writing only works with practice.

Dedicate Time and Perseverance

Dedicate many hours to it. No writer has become what he is today without spending many hours writing, correcting and starting over from scratch because, ultimately, his writing did not convince him. 

As in any other profession, no footballer reaches the top without practice, and no one is a crack in his job without having dedicated many hours and effort. So, give it time, but don’t get overwhelmed; allow yourself your time and days of disconnection. 

Believe it in & Don’t be Ashamed of it.

Many will accompany you on this new path, but unfortunately, many others will encourage you to abandon it, that it is simply a hobby or that writers do not earn enough money to live well. 

People often associate writing with poverty, which is so in the short term, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Do one thing, combine your current profession with writing until writing allows you to leave it completely. You just have to trust yourself and go for it. 

Learn from Criticism

Writing is a mental attitude and a process of self-knowledge. The temptation to throw in the towel is high and has happened to everyone. Have faith, and give yourself space and distance with the text. Be proud of what you have created, and learn from mistakes and criticism.

Find Your Audience

Worry about finding your audience. Those who may be interested in your stories and content. It is always preferable to have 1,000 real followers than 2,000 bought or that other writers are in charge of disseminating your work so that you can do it with theirs. 

Forget about that; focus on finding your target audience on social networks and in bookstores or large stores where they will find your book

Do Not Self-Censor

Free your imagination, and express your ideas without censorship. Do not assume that nobody will read what you write or if your story is more or less commercial. Just let your imagination run wild without self-censoring yourself. 

While you are writing, do not notice small details of punctuation, bold, quotation marks, etc. Let yourself go and once you have it written, make the corrections and revisions in-depth, but not before.

Finally, we must emphasize the third basic rule to become a writer: study, learn, and flourish. It is, with total certainty, the rule that is least taken into account, which is why it will make a difference. 

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