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Nowadays, Instagram has become the go-to application for the millennial. It has also gained momentum to become one of the most cherished places for businesses to be promoted. Be it a small scale business organization or a large scale company, everyone can use Instagram to reach their target audience and promote their products and services better. Since Instagram is a relatively newer platform, it is receiving a lot of support from the investors, businesses as well as intriguing the customers. 

Thanks to the API that now businesses can connect with over 1 billion users in a month which means that as business organizations you can reach out to the customers and provide them with conversational support as well like resolving their questions, etc as customers do value interactions that are frictionless and convenient. Let’s check out everything you need to know to get started. 

Understanding Instagram messenger API

The messenger API of Instagram has been in existence for quite sometime now. Initially, it enabled people to talk to one another via direct messages but now it can also be used by business organizations to have scalable conversations with their customers or prospective customers on Instagram. There are various aspects of such interactions on Instagram that are actionable now. For example, conversations can be turned into achieving good business outcomes or reaching the business targets with the help of rich messaging. 

In fact, now users can DM the channel of the business organization to gain further insight into their product or service. You can also get answers to all the FAQs related to a product or service of a business organization. There are a wide range of features enlisted below that can be used by businesses to leverage Instagram messenger API. 

1- The business organizations can easily send messages and include media in their texts through Instagram messenger API

2- With the help of Instagram messenger API, you can indulge in quick responses to the customers. After all, the customers appreciate quick response and query resolution. There can also be customized button-ins for customers to help interact with your organization. 

3- There is a list of FAQs Or frequently asked questions. The customers can use that to start a conversation with the business organization. It acts as an ice- breaker. 

4- Now the businesses can also personalize conversations with every user and create a unified experience in interaction and customer query resolution on Instagram. 

5- As a business organization, you will be notified every time a customer mentions or tags you in their story or post. 

How to use Instagram messenger API to provide quick customer support

The moment a user comes across a business on Instagram that he is interested in and has a doubt, he would want to get his concerns addressed and what better way to do that than to have customers reach out to the businesses on Instagram so that they can respond quickly through messages providing the best customer support experience through quick conversational support. The businesses can also easily respond to various story tags as well as the private DMs. 

If the queries are particularly specific and cannot be handled by the usual FAQs that you have, then indulging a customer support executive to quickly resolve a customer’s dilemma is the best way to go forward. Since, all of this is happening on Instagram as a singular entity, the messenger API is a solution that has been designed to take care of all these problems and solve them quickly. 

Using Instagram as an opportunity for business

Individually, Instagram is an exciting platform that offers opportunity to all the business organizations. While the entrepreneurs starting out address the queries of their customers by themselves, for enterprise-scale communication and management Instagram is integrated with cloud communications platforms that automate Instagram communications. 

Now the best way for business organizations to use Instagram as an opportunity to sell/market their product is to have an expert in the house- a company that can help in setting up and run the messenger API on Instagram so that you can enable seamless chat experiences for customers. It has become extremely commonplace for the businesses to be attracted to the prospect of being able to offer active communications to the customers without any delay as well as a chat agent present on the channel to cater to the more specific doubts of the customers. 

When a business organization invests in customer service that is conversational in nature, the efficiency of the businesses also ramps up. These companies are able to help their customers better and address their issues quicker and better than otherwise which is a driving source of revenue generation as well. 

There have been several platforms for a business organization to materialize nowadays such as WhatsApp, Facebook, google business messaging, etc. however, Instagram is the latest name to join the list of those platforms and potentially the most rewarding given the amount of traffic that it sees everyday. 

Therefore, if you are a business organization that is tech savvy and is looking to expand its business operations, then Instagram API is the addition you need to make in order to get the maximum advantage and edge over other businesses. While it may sound intimidating, it is fairly easier as compared to manually having a representative return back to a customer on an email every time there is a query. 

So jump onto the bandwagon of getting access to a seamless business experience with Instagram business API today and make an impact. After all, it is all about being better and more accessible when it comes to amplifying business through the newer platforms.

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