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Genious Tips to Crack The Defence Exams

With the intention to serve the nation, a huge crowd of our country’s youngsters prepares for the defence exams. It feels proud to belong to a country where a large number of youngsters have a strong passion to join the defence forces. Well, despite the huge salary package offered by MNCs, these youngsters still opt for joining the defence forces by cracking the defence exams. But they have to experience some ups and downs while preparing for the exams that make them feel exhausted sometimes. But sticking to the right approach with sincere efforts helps them sail through this tough period. This article is written to shed light on some genius tips that lead to success in the defence exams. 

CDS, AFCAT, and NDA are considered some of the prominent defence exams. These exams work as a gateway between the youngsters and their dreams of joining the defence forces. Are you also aiming to crack one of these exams? If it is CDS, then we advise you to approach the finest platform that offers the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh. But that doesn’t mean that you should lose your hold on self-study. Whether you are taking coaching or not, you should maintain a stronghold over self-study.

Here, we have shed light on some genius tips that can help you crack the upcoming defence exams.

  • Fetch the basic information

Your first responsibility is to fetch the complete details of the exam you aim to crack. Also, check the eligibility criteria to know if you are eligible to appear for the exam or not. After this, know the entire procedure of the exam, syllabus, important dates, etc. The perfect source to retrieve this information is the official notification. If the commission hasn’t released it yet then take help from the recognized websites. 

  • Stick to the syllabus

Basically, an updated list of important topics is often uploaded on the official site of the commission conducting the defence exam every year. You have to stick to this list while improving your knowledge. Note that you can read random books after cracking the exams. But to crack the defence exams, you have to cover the syllabus quickly by sticking to it while learning the concepts. 

  • Prepare a strategy

Note that strategy is a very old term that has been in existence since ancient times. An effective and well-planned strategy is needed to achieve great success in any field. No doubt, this is the best way to get yourself organized and focus your energy on the defence exam preparations. But for this, you have to know your weakness and strength so that you can hit the target of an excellent score. Also, remember that giving importance to every module of the defence exam is mandatory. 

  • Know what you have to grasp

Knowing what you need to grasp to ace the exams will help you improve your performance. Do you have any idea what can help you with this? Well, suggestions from the successful candidates and analyzing the previous year’s question papers can help you know what you need to grasp while studying the concepts. Note that solving the previous year’s question papers is a must if you are aiming for great success in the defence exams.

  • Collect the perfect study material

Relying on the appropriate study material is mandatory. Collecting each and every book relevant to the exams will never push you closer to the exams. Instead, choose the books that help you cover the syllabus of the exams. Also, take the help of the websites available on the internet for downloading the books. For the general awareness section of the exam, you have to consider a prominent newspaper. 

  • Time management

Going to the examination center without making a strategy to attempt the paper for meeting the cut-off score is not a good idea. You must prepare a strategy in advance to attempt the paper. Know that you will be allowed to enter the next round only if you are touching or crossing the cut-off score. Dividing an accurate time slice to each question in the exam can help you manage your time during the exams.

Are you planning to achieve a prestigious position in the Indian Air Force? If yes, then approach the credible source that offers AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.


Definitely, cracking the defence exams requires the candidate to clear the fitness test to ensure that they can do the hazardous tasks easily. Therefore, taking care of your health is always wise. We hope that the points in the article will help you cover your entire journey to success. 

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