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Difference Between Small And Large Hookahs: Which is Better?

If you are into shisha smoking, you should have heard about hookahs of different sizes. If you visit a reputable shisha shop near you, you will find that hookahs are available in both small and large sizes.

You may wonder, what is the difference? Is a small shisha easy to carry? Does a large hookah last longer? There are various confusions regarding which hookahs are better- the big ones or the mini ones.

To simplify things, we have jotted down the top differences between hookahs of different sizes. After going through them, you can better judge which is good for you. So, let’s get started.

Comparing Large and Small Hookahs Based On Different Factors

Storage Space

Storage space can be a deciding factor for some people, especially the ones who have limited space in their flats and apartments. A large hookah takes comparatively more space than a small hookah for obvious reasons. All the accessories and parts of a large hookah like the bowl, stem, and hose are bigger. For this reason, it is difficult to store large hookahs in narrow spaces.

On the other hand, small hookahs can easily fit in a place like your store room. So, if lack of space is an issue, consider buying a mini hookah. Moreover, if you want to carry your hookah with you during travel or in a similar situation, it is easily possible if you own a small-sized hookah.

Smoking Duration

Every hookah has a tobacco and coal-holding capacity. The more tobacco it can hold, the longer the shisha smoking sessions will be. So, if you have a large hookah, you can smoke for longer durations without getting interrupted due to tobacco running out. 

On the other hand, if you own a small shisha, the tobacco will get used quickly, and you have to add more to the bowl between the sessions. So, it can be considered a little downside of a mini hookah.

In simple words, if you want to smoke shisha on the go, a small hookah will serve the purpose. But if you plan to smoke for many hours and the number of people is more; a large hookah is a must. Generally, people prefer mini hookahs for “solo smoking sessions” and large hookahs for parties, gatherings, and similar events.

Size of Hookah Bowl

You may be thinking that large hookahs have big bowls and vice versa. It is true in most cases, but not entirely. You can find a small hookah with a bigger bowl. Similarly, using a large hookah with a small bowl is also possible.

So, it depends on your requirements and how you want to use the hookah. If you go with a bigger bowl, the tobacco-holding capacity of the shisha will be more. Consequently, you can smoke for a long time without refilling the bowl. Large hookah bowls are meant to be used when the number of smokers is more.

On the other hand, smaller hookah bowls are good for short shisha smoking sessions. In addition, when you are the only one who will smoke, there is no need to waste tobacco by using a bigger bowl. In simple words, both small and large hookahs can be used with bowls of different sizes.

Amount of Smoke

Whether or not a hookah will produce more smoke depends on the following factors:

  • Size of bowl
  • Type and quality of tobacco
  • Quality of coal

So, whether you own a small hookah or a larger one, the amount of smoke will depend on the combination of the above-mentioned factors. Many people have this misconception that large hookahs create more smoke and vice versa. If you use high-quality material and know the perfect technique for smoking, you can easily get more smoke, irrespective of the size of the hookah.

Need To Purge

After you have spent an hour smoking, you can notice its taste getting harsh and unpleasant. It happens due to the deposition of carbon monoxide in the hookah. A simple solution to remove the accumulated gas is simply blowing it out of the system. It is known as purging.

You just need to blow air instead of taking a puff. However, you need to be gentle otherwise the water will enter the stem and eventually get mixed with the tobacco. If water got into the tobacco bowl, your hookah session will be ruined, as the shisha can no longer be used.

Many people who smoke hookahs in Dubai are confused about the requirement of purging small and large-sized hookahs. The reality is purging should be done in both, depending on the requirement. However, smaller hookahs get heated way faster than the bigger ones. So, in that case, more purging will be required while using smaller shishas.

It is recommended to purge the hookah every once in a while during a smoking session. The ideal frequency to purge is one after every 10 puffs. This way, the taste and flavor of the shisha will stay consistent throughout the hookah smoking session.

What is The Best Size For Hookah?

The best size of hookah is the one that fulfills your requirements. For instance, if most of your smoking sessions are with friends or colleagues, you need a large hookah. On the other hand, if you are a solo smoker, and like short shisha smoking sessions; small-sized hookahs are the perfect product for you. However, you should give both a try and notice which one ensures a more enjoyable experience for you.


Both small and large hookahs have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it boils down to your personal preferences and which one will be the best for you. If you know the right smoking technique, you will eventually figure out the best way of smoking both. However, after going through the above points, you can analyze your requirements and choose the right hookah accordingly. But, make sure you only shop hookahs and accessories from a reputable store to ensure the best quality and price.

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