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Smart Contract Security: Best Practices for Solidity Developers

The entire concept of Blockchain and smart contracts is security. The main reason for the success of Blockchain is because it’s safe. At least, it’s safer than other forms of data online. Moreover, there are many ways to secure a Blockchain. This security works in the same way as software security. But you can make a few changes and tweaks to make it fully secure. So join us to learn all about the practices that only the best solidity development company uses. Join us to make your Blockchains secure.

About Smart Contract Security

A smart contract is a program that automatically runs when it meets a set of conditions. These conditions are set by the programmer when making the Blockchain. These contracts make the moving of assets from one wallet to another possible. Smart contracts can have a lot of benefits when they work according to plan. They can boost the growth of a Blockchain. But where there’s money involved, there are some risks and problems. Thus, securing a Blockchain is important if you wish to see it grow. As secure Blockchains get the trust of their users, making it grow even more. So, a developer needs to know the importance of Blockchain security. This will make their wallets safer and more secure.

Importance of Blockchain Security

Blockchains are one of the main places to exchange digital currency. This makes it a main target of hackers. So they can attack a Blockchain to steal its valuable assets. Thus, developers need to be very active when designing the security features of a Blockchain. As even the littlest of coding errors can lead to huge losses. There might be a bug that hackers misuse or find a loophole in the code. So remember to make sure you use the latest security practices to keep your work up to date. This will keep your Blockchain safe and make it more reliable.

Securing Smart Contracts

All security features are put in place during the development of the Blockchain. As you cannot patch the Blockchain, unlike other software. Thus, you must know the basics of Blockchain security to make it as secure as possible. The best way is to write a smart contract so you can pause the process. This is especially helpful if you spot any bugs. Moreover, you should keep a good upgrade path. This helps you upgrade the Blockchain for any bug fixes. You can add many features like rate-limiting and max-use features. These help in keeping a check on how much money is at risk in the wallet.

After the coding is done, a smart contract audit can help. This audit helps in making the Blockchain more secure. You’ll need either an internal or an external person to perform it. This will make sure that your users are safe from hacks and losses. Moreover, another great way is to put up your Blockchain in a bug bounty contest. This will make developers look tirelessly for bugs in your program. Thus, you can work on them once they find these problems. So make sure that you make simple, foolproof contracts. Simplicity helps reduce errors, but remember to keep security checks in line.

Weak Points of Smart Contracts

Many problems can compromise smart contracts. One recent example is the $3 mil+ theft from the Algorand Blockchain in 2022. They did this by exploiting the liquidity pool and getting out tokens. As soon as this trick got out, many smaller hackers took advantage. Looting this large sum of money. This shows how important it is to make the Blockchain foolproof. As one little data leak can lead the problem to grow out of hand. While they have many security features like immutability in line. There can still be losses if you don’t follow new security practices. But what were the security problems that led to this large loss? Let’s find out!

Wrong Calculation

The calculations must be correct as these contracts work with a lot of data. If there is a problem with the formulas, decimal places, and fee formulas, it could lead to big losses. So, make sure that all math formulas and calculations are correct.


This problem happens when a hacker enters and calls functions repeatedly. They do this before the first function call completes its work. So, using this method, attackers can continue to take out money from an account until it’s zero.


These attacks take advantage of the model of the Blockchain. The bad actors in the Blockchain buy large sums of tokens. This changes the price of the token. And because their transaction is so big, they know the chain will process it first. So now, the large amount swings the price, and the exploiters sell their tokens. This messes up with the balance of the chain. Thus leading to digital losses.

Over/Under Flows

The EVM works on the logic of fixed-size data for all integers. So, that means that it can only hold a specific amount of data. Hackers manipulate this by trying to store larger values than the system can take. This causes the situation of over/underflow. Thus disrupting the logic flow of the chain and opening it for attacks.

Some Tools That Can Save You

There are many tools in the market that Blockchain developers use. Today, we’ll talk about the best tools you can use to save your Blockchain.

1.      Mythril

This is an open-source tool by MythX. It supports smart contracts for many different Blockchains, including Roostock, Tron, and other EVM chains.

2.      Slither

Slither is a great tool to find out the weaknesses of your system. It has 40+ built-in detectors and scanners. This helps you test your Blockchain in every aspect. It also gives the user an API to create reports and studies quickly.

3.      Securify 

This checker comes directly from the Ethereum Foundation. It is a smart contract scanner that can do precise analysis. Moreover, it can find up to 37 errors in just one report. Thus saving your time and securing your Blockchain.

Time to Secure Your Smart Contracts

Now that you know about the best smart contract security practices. It’s finally time to learn more from the professionals. So visit the best Dallas software development company to learn more. We suggest you book a slot with Unique Software Development to get the best security packages. So what are you waiting for? Book your time and secure your Blockchain today.

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