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Best iPhone 14 Cases and Cover You Can Buy Online

Finally, the long-awaited apple iPhone 14 series is now on market. Apple’s new iPhones are officially here which means it’s time to pick up some new phones and some cool and stylish iPhone 14 cases and covers to go with them. Yes, it’s a shame to cover the new iPhone 14’s stunning shades and finish with a case, but we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. Regardless of how durable Apple claims its new iPhones are, they are still susceptible to scratches, dents, and even cracks when scuffed or dropped. Here are some of the best iPhone 14 covers and cases on the market so you can keep your new phone protected at all times.

Buy iPhone 14 Series Cases and Cover Online 

Official Apple cases

Apple always reveals new cases to accompany its new iPhones, and this year is no exception. Apple offers a variety of official cases for the iPhone 14, which you should consider before investigating other solutions. These cases are slightly more expensive than many of the other options discussed in this collection, but they are among the best on the market.

Transparent Clear cases and cover

Our selection of clear cases is perfect for those who want to add some basic protection to their phone and still be able to show off the colors and cool finishes. Keep your iPhone 14 well-protected and show off your style at the same time with LibraBazaar has a range of transparent iPhone 14 covers! Our cases are made of top-quality, durable materials and are available in a variety of fun and stylish designs, so you can find the perfect one to fit your personality. Plus, our low prices make it easy to keep your phone looking great without breaking the bank.

MagSafe cases and cover

For those who don’t know, MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary wireless power transfer and accessory connection technology. The MagSafe compatible cases in this series have built-in magnets that allow them to interact with MagSafe accessories.

Thin cases and cover

If you don’t want to add too much bulk to your new iPhone or smartphone device in the name of protection, then you should consider buying one of the thin cases and covers available on the online and offline market.

Rugged cases and cover

Rugged cases are perfect for those who have an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for something a little bit more protective than the basic silicone and thin cases, then consider buying one of the best-rugged cases available on online stores like LibraBazaar, Amazon, Apple Store, etc.

Wallet Cases and Cover

Wallet cases are quite popular right now and for good reason. They add some bulk to your apple smartphone, but they protect it and allow you to keep items like credit cards, cash, and other valuables.

Stylish Cases and Cover

If you want to add a bright color or style to your smartphone, try purchasing a stylish case. The iPhone 14 comes in a variety of interesting colors, but if you don’t like the finish of your gadget, you can always cover it up with a fashionable case.

iPhone 14 Pro Cases and Covers and Screen Protectors

Imagine an iPhone without an annoying notch! We all know it’s an impossible thing to imagine at least for some years. The iPhone 14 Pro has no notch. Instead of a notch, the 14 Pro has a punch hole for the selfie camera and a pill or egg-shaped cutout for the True-Depth and Face recognition sensors. It appears that the iPhone 14 Pro screen will be too pricey to replace if cracked. But No Worries with LibraBazaar apple cases and covers for iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with 6D and 9H hardness technology to secure your iPhone from hard hits and scratches. The same screen protector is also available in Privacy Glass and Matt Glass for the iPhone 14 Pro. Look through our top iPhone 14 pro cases and covers. Each iPhone 14 case is designed to showcase the iPhone 14 pro’s original shape. Covers are made slim and protect your entire phone like a professional defender.

iPhone 14 Cases and Covers 

iPhone users are weirdly in love with notches as it differentiates their apple phone from the crowd. Though iPhone 14 series has a notch removed in the PRO series iPhone 14 still comes with an old-school notch with inbuild sensors in it. The display size is never changed in iPhone 14 it is 6.06-inch same as iPhone 13 device but some changes in aspect ratios. 

Protect your precious iPhone 14 with Screen Protector Tempered glass and Cases. We’ve introduced quality in-segment tempered glass with glossy, matt, and privacy options. When you use our accessories, we constantly make certain that the shape of your iPhone 14 does not change. The original style and feel that sets us apart from the crowd remained.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases and Covers and Screen Protectors

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most powerful and has the largest display size of the anticipated iPhone 14 series. With our iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Protectors and Tempered Glasses, you can now obtain excellent protection. Browse our extensive assortment of iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases & Covers, which are manufactured using a specific phone case ratio and semitransparent materials.

iPhone 14 Max Tempered Glass, Cases and Covers

iPhone 14 Max is a big daddy series and a size-wise successor of the iPhone 14. iPhone 14 max has the same features and specifications as iPhone 14. Get our premium quality collection for iPhone 14 case and cover.

Bottom Line 

Libra Bazaar has grabbed the entire market with iPhone 14 series accessories after the successful accessories sales of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max.

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