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My Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Strip Light For Your Ceiling

A Strip Light Ceiling can be as stylish or as functional as you want it to be! It all depends on how you choose your ceiling light, and on what features are most important to you in choosing one. Whether you need general illumination, task lighting, or decorative accent lighting, Strip Light will provide you with all of the options you could need! Here are my top five tips for finding the perfect Strip Light for your ceiling.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Different Strip Lights will require different amounts of power. For example, a Strip Light Channel needs up to 9 watts per linear foot while a Strip Light Diffuser needs at least 18 watts. Many factors go into determining which Strip Lights need more power.

Are you using LED Strip Lights or CFL Strip Lights? Is it a daylight-balanced Strip Light or a warm/soft Strip Light? How long do you want your strips to last between replacements? All of these questions will factor into what lighting power requirements you need. Each manufacturer publishes ratings and recommendations on their packaging, but they’re often vague so it can be confusing to determine exactly what you need.

What Wattage Should You Choose?

If you’re looking to put in a fluorescent Strip Light Fixture, there are some great things to know before you buy. One is what wattage should you choose? The answer is that it depends on where it will be installed, but most likely 40 watts. I recommend using this wattage when installing outside or in a high-ceilinged space.

If you have chosen to put in an LED Strip Light instead, then you do not need to be concerned with wattage. You will want to choose between a 5050 and 3528 bulb, but there is no need to worry about watts. I recommend using a 5050 if you are using it indoors or in a low-ceilinged area.

What Lumens Should I Go For?

I recommend that you look at the square footage of your space to determine how many lumens you need. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a Strip Light with 1,000 lumens per square foot. For example, if you have a 100 sq ft area, then I recommend going for a 10 x 10 Strip Light.

If you want to install recessed lighting, then I recommend going for lumens in increments of 1,000. So that means if you need 3,000 lumens over a 50 sq ft area (1 x 50), then a 30 x 30 strip would be ideal. If you have a 200 sq ft area (4 x 50), then I recommend going for 4 x 100 Strip Lights and so on.

Can I Use Different Coloured Bulbs?

It is possible to use colored bulbs with most Strip Lights. Colored bulbs will not affect how much light output you get, but they do affect the quality of colors that you see. For example, if you’re using a red bulb in a Strip Light, all of your surfaces will be a shade of red and it won’t matter what color they are meant to be.

You can use different colored bulbs with Strip Lights, but you shouldn’t expect to see a large range of colors. Colored bulbs will cause objects to appear as a shade of that color rather than their true color. It also affects how white something appears. If you put a blue bulb into a white Strip Light, then everything will appear green under that Strip Light. For example, if you are using a black strip with red and green LEDs, then anything appearing on that strip would be black with an amber hue.

Choosing Between Coloured And Cool White

The choice between colored and cool white Strip Lights is dependent on what you are looking to do with them. Colored Strip Lights are great for highlighting specific features in a room or space, such as creating a focal point or highlighting an accent wall. Cool white Strip Lights can be used to illuminate a room evenly, or they can be used to create a mood.

Cool white Strip Lights are available in both warm white and cool white, offering options in terms of color temperature as well as color. Cool-white Strip Lights produce a brighter, whiter light than warm-white Strip Lights. If you’re looking to create a specific mood or style with your lighting, then cool-white Strip Lights might be a better option for you. Cool-white strips are also great if you have difficulty sleeping with bright overhead lighting, as they produce less glare than traditional tungsten bulbs.

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