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13 sustainable product ideas to sell

With climate change more evident, more people have sought more conscious consumption in order to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Naturally, this is reflected in the market and its trends. With that in mind, we made this article so you know the best sustainable products to sell.

According to a survey, the consumption of sustainable products grew by 32% in 2021 alone. In retail, there were more than 63,000 new brands betting on this sector in the last two years, an increase of 45% compared to 2020.

Needless to say, this is a promising niche, right? Not to mention the benefits for our planet. So, if you want to know which are the best sustainable products to sell, just keep reading! Come on? ♻️

What is a sustainable product?

Sustainable products are those that, during their life cycle, do not cause any negative impact on the environment. The idea is that, from the production stage to disposal, they do not harm the planet, contributing to environmental conservation and slowing down the pace of climate change.

Generally speaking, sustainable items are made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, most of which are reusable. In addition, it is essential that, in its production process, there is no type of animal testing or excessive water consumption.

13 examples of sustainable products to sell

For you to get to know this niche better and to idealize your business, we have prepared a list of 13 sustainable products that are on the rise at the moment. Check out:

1. Vegan or vegetarian food

It is estimated that, to produce 1 kg of meat, the consumption of water is up to 15 thousand liters. Therefore, the vegan or vegetarian food market has become yet another expanding niche, with an increasing number of new adherents.

According to research, the plant-based food market will have an annual growth rate of up to 11.9% until 2019. In this sense, this is the best time to create your own virtual store or restaurant with this proposal.

2. Organic food

Following the same line as the previous item, organic foods are considered sustainable because they are not associated with mass production and monoculture, activities that are so harmful to the environment. In addition, these products have the advantage of being free of pesticides, which can be extremely harmful to our health.

3. Ecobags

You must already know that plastic is one of the biggest enemies of the environment, right? The negative impacts of plastic bags are numerous, as they can take over 200 years to decompose. As sustainable substitutes, ecobags have taken over the shelves of stores and supermarkets.

In addition to their ecological appeal, ecobags are also highly sought after items in the personalized market.

4. Reusable straws

In recent years, plastic straws have become the focus of several environmental awareness campaigns. In the United States alone, more than 500 million straws are consumed per day.

Because of this, reusable straws or straws made of biodegradable materials have become popular, such as paper, metal and bamboo straws, which are one of the most in demand sustainable products to sell.

5. Sustainable products for pets

With people spending more time at home, pet adoption has seen a boom in the last couple of years. In this sense, the intersection of these two niches is a combination with great chances of taking off.

A successful example of this niche is Vegpet, a Brazilian company that emerged from the desire of a vegetarian couple to feed their pets with eco-friendly foods. The brand took off in its first year online, earning more than R$ 400 thousand.

6. Eco-friendly beauty products

Sustainable cosmetics have also seen a strong increase in demand in recent years. In addition to the environmental factor, more people are looking for them because of the health benefits associated with using 100% natural products, without synthetic raw materials.

7. Gardening Tools

For the same reasons as those looking for organic food, more people are concerned about what they eat and decide to start their own mini gardens at home. Plus, freshly picked spices and vegetables are delicious, aren’t they?

Therefore, gardening tools are also an increasingly sought after option of sustainable products to sell.

8. Biodegradable glitter

In recent years, glitter has become a widely used item at parties that evoke the use of costumes, especially at Carnival. Being made of plastic and tiny in size, they are easily ingested by marine animals.

Because of this, biodegradable glitter has emerged as a sustainable option, having the same visual effect.

9. Natural and biodegradable sponges

Ordinary sponges take more than 90 years to decompose. Therefore, natural sponges are excellent substitutes, fulfilling their usefulness, with the bonus of not harming the environment.

10. Rechargeable batteries

Traditional cells and batteries have toxic materials in their composition, which can be very harmful to the environment.

As an alternative, rechargeable batteries, in addition to not being harmful, offer the advantage of bringing greater autonomy and savings to those who use them, as they can be recharged for an unlimited time.

11. Sustainable Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are items that, on the recommendation of professionals, should be changed every 3 months. To avoid excess waste from this disposal, replaceable bamboo bristle brushes have become a highly sought after item in the market for sustainable products to sell.

12. Natural soaps

Natural soaps also have their share of loyal buyers. No animal testing and made with natural ingredients, these items are biodegradable and don’t harm the environment. In addition, they have the presence of glycerin in the composition, highly recommended for skin hydration, and absent in industrialized soaps.

To package them, we recommend using sustainable packaging.

13. Recycled glass vases

A very popular decoration item in homes is the glass vase. The differential of this one is that it is made of recycled glass, a fact that must be properly signaled in its disclosure.

Have you already chosen the best sustainable products to sell?

The sustainable products sector is an expanding niche, with no prospect of slowing down. In fact, the opposite is more likely to happen: as the years go by, more people must be concerned about the long-term health of the planet, making the growth of this market inevitable. So the best time to start your sustainable business is now.

Frequently asked questions about sustainable products to sell

What is a sustainable product?

In general, sustainable products are those that, in their life cycle, do not cause any type of damage to the environment, from the production stage to disposal.

What are the best sustainable products to sell?

Some of the most popular sustainable products are ecobags, reusable straws, organic food, vegan or vegetarian food, biodegradable glitter, rechargeable batteries and gardening tools.

How to sell sustainable products?

First of all, it is essential to do a thorough market research in order to understand which products are most in demand in your region. So, it’s time to look for the best suppliers of these items and create your business plan. Finally, invest in digital marketing strategies that take your brand to the target audience in that niche.

How to create a sustainable product?

Before creating a product, it is first necessary to define if there is a demand for it. If the answer is yes, try to come up with something that is both useful and visually appealing. Then look for raw material suppliers that do not cause negative impacts on the environment.

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