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How To Boost Your Website’s Conversions With Top 6 Conversion Copywriting Tips in 2022

Use these 6 tips to write conversion copywriting shared by web design companies, creative agencies, branding agencies, and web design service experts.

In this fast-growing era of digital business and advanced web design services, eCommerce merchants are trying diligently to mark their existence in the market. Yet, with the increasing competition every day, owners like you struggle to get to the eyes of the targeted audience. And, more importantly, promote them to take any actions that ultimately result in driving sales.

Now, the vital question is, your product is incredible & service is excellent in all comparisons with your competitor, but how do you communicate that to your readers? How do you communicate your product to the audience in a pro manner as branding agencies do? How do you stand out from others & attract the reader to get interested in your services and products? How can you drive sales from your targeted audience? Well, the answer to all is Conversion Copywriting!

What is conversion copywriting, and how does it help you to expand your business?

Copywriting is everywhere – advertisements, introductions of your brochures, websites – landing page content, email campaign content, catalogs, and social media.

Conversion copywriting is writing intending to persuade the reader to buy your product or service. For broader use, it can also be used to create a connection with the readers by speaking about their pain points, delivering interesting content, and driving them to subscribe to your newsletter, follow your company’s social media, or simply check out your website and service offerings.

A well persuaded copywriting helps you convey your company’s identity, principles, and core values to the targeted audience, acknowledge and attract new and existing customers’ interests as well as recover lost customers’ interest and drive sales by encouraging them to buy.

Conversion copywriting is just not a formation of pretty-looking English sentences but rather it’s an art of selling products or acknowledging readers about your business with the correct information, right words, and in the right order. It’s more than placing a well-designed landing page or hashtags-filled LinkedIn caption. To write a copy and foresee conversion from it, you need to understand why the reader is on your content, what he wants to hear, what are his problems & in what manner you can help.

To help you get your conversion rate increase, here are the top 6 conversion copywriting tricks:

Understand your audience

69% of the world’s population – 4.9 billion people are active internet users. Are they all your customers?

NO! Not everyone is your potential customer. You don’t have to write for everyone.

Understand who your potential customers are, their pain points and if your service or product can help them. Segregate your audience’s information like age group, hobbies, interest, language, occupation, etc to write specific and more engaging copywriting. This way, the reader feels it’s written specifically for him and connects with your brand. This is the secret of web design companies. They understand their audience and develop the layout considering their likeness.

Stick to your goal

We are thinkers, and our mind is a deep ocean of thoughts, in which the waves never end, right? I know. But, you need to get on one specific wave!

Before starting to write, you need to decide the outcome. You need to know the goal of this copy. What problem or product or service are you talking about? What action do you want your readers to take after reading the copy?

Once you are clear with the answer to these questions, you are prepared to write the copy.

Most of the copy fails because it speaks about a lot of subjects. Keep it simple, clear, and readable.

Less “I”, More “You”

One of the common mistakes writers make, they start the copy with “I”, like “I wanted to let you”, “I’m the awarded marketer”, or ” I, having this knowledge”, which narrates more about them and less about you, the reader. Start your copy by giving them importance like, ” Get your business to the next level” or “You can cut down this much by doing this”.

Using “You” is much more engaging than using “I”. 

Add a unique and meaningful call to action button

Does “checkout here” or “Check out the upcoming top 10 trends in the eCommerce industry here to stay ahead of your game” sound any different to you?

It does, right? It does feel more appealing, informative, and genuine, all because of adding just a few more yet relevant words. Writing precise and unique CTA is more effective in getting the reader to click on the CTA.

Alongside readers, also think about Google – SEO

With the emerging tricks that creative agencies use to make your content rank top on google with the use of the right keyword at the right place & optimizing the content, learn these tricks and reach maximum potential customers.

  • Understand what your customers are searching for and write about that.
  • Search top-ranking keywords as per your business niche and audience location and add them naturally to your content. Keep a daily check on those keywords, because keywords ranking decreases and increases & so, you would have to update the keywords accordingly.
  • Add a relevant link to the copywriting to make it more interesting for the reader and increase their time interval on the site. The more the user spends time on the website, it’s more likely they will convert into a customer.
  • Include social media and share buttons

One thing you are aware of not doing is, have you come across SEO articles, written with SEO & Web copywriting criteria, which are not either reader or making sense? That’s exactly what you don’t have to do. Do Not stuff your content with keywords. That decreases the reading value.

Do in-depth keyword research and write correctly with proper grammar, and punctuation, along with writing what readers want to read.

Include statistic

Let’s start with an example to understand this better. I have 2 sentences here:

  1. Use small sentences on Facebook to create more engagement
  2. Facebook posts under or around 50 characters gain the highest engagement. Data as per buzzsumo.com

Of the 2, it’s more likely the 2nd sentence will make more impact on you and make you believe my words, Right?

Why? Because it includes verified facts and figures, which are easy to believe and much more reliable than a sentence that feels completely random. Also, do remember, they are here to read your words not just facts or they would go to some facts-checking website. So, only add the relevant and important ones.

Let’s get started with your conversion copywriting…

Writing a good conversion copy is a bit challenging, but with principles and knowledge, it’s just a matter of the right words in the right place. With the above-shared tricks, you are ready to write your conversion copy. Make sure not to add all the tricks at once. To begin with, try to master 1-2 tricks. And, as you would have noticed, all the tricks are reader-centric, don’t forget to understand your reader and then write.

Author Bio: Brijesh Jakharia

Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.

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