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Amazon Sales Rank

Knowing how to find your Amazon sales rank and improve it are essential if you want to become a successful Amazon seller. Things you can do to improve your sales rank include having a good product title, picture and description, among others. Below are helpful tips from professionals.

How to Find & Improve Your Amazon Seller Rank

Similar to product ratings and reviews, sales rank influences buying decisions. It represents  how likely it is that someone will choose your product to buy over the thousands of others available in the marketplace and can help you evaluate whether all the elements of your product listing are working or not. 

Let’s explore what is a good amazon sales rank and how you can make sure your products measure up. Read on to find practical answers and helpful tips.

What Is Amazon Sales Rank?

So, what does sales rank mean on Amazon? To put it simply, it’s a measurement of sales performance of all products on Amazon. Also known as Best Sellers Rank, it’s a numerical scale ranging from one to one million that is assigned to products in every category or subcategory. Products lower on the scale are doing better than products higher on the scale.

Check out the circled part of the image below to see the rank of a product based on multiple categories.

Why Is Amazon Sales Rank Important?

Succinctly put, knowing your Amazon sales rank will help you become a better seller and improve your profits. Here are three ways sales rank can help you accomplish your goals:

It Helps You Compete and Win

Amazon sales rank reveals the position of your product relative to others in the same category. It can help you identify your competitors, and from analyzing their product listings, give you an idea of the elements you need to emulate, such as keywords, descriptions and more.

It Boosts Sales

Take note that added to positive reviews sales rank further influences the decision of buyers to purchase a product. Thus, an understanding of sales ranks is a good step towards boosting sales. 

Increased Brand Awareness

Products that rank high in major and subcategories get noticed by buyers. And this in turn increases the brand’s awareness. Buyers will take note of not just the product but the brand selling it as well.

How to Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

Although there is no guidebook or published information from Amazon on how its algorithm ranks products, top sellers and experts have figured out that sales volume and consistency influence sales rank. Therefore, if you improve these factors, you have a good shot at boosting your sales rank. Here are some practical and effective ways to accomplish this:

1. Have a flawless product title.

James, an expert with years of experience selling on e-commerce sites says ” A flawless product title grabs the buyer’s attention. It includes keywords that anyone interested in an item will input into the search box. If you look at best-selling products on Amazon, their titles include keyword combinations that summarizes their features. To find the best sets of keywords to use, research the most common words people search for when looking for a product. Then emulate the pattern top sellers use to structure product titles.”

2. Pique interest with top-notch product photography.

” High quality images provide a fantastic opportunity to tell all about a product. Don’t just use one image or a single style — Amazon allows multiple images for a product, so use that to your advantage. Add images showing the product from different angles and ways of applications. You may add infographics that explain certain features. For example, top-notch images of a piece of clothing may include a person wearing it on a certain occasion or pairing it with other apparel.” — Akshay

3. Optimize your product description.

Some buyers prefer to dig into the details of a product before purchasing. A well-optimized description will draw them in and help to close the deal. Make the description engaging and use keywords to help buyers find your product. Certain keywords can feature in headings or the first few words. Be sure to also format your description to make it easy to read. You may want to use bullet points, capitalize some words, or highlight certain words to draw readers’ attention.

“Detailed product descriptions are important to make a seller look more legitimate and trustworthy. Customers on e-commerce websites like Amazon always look for products that have proper descriptions, and reviews, and have all the FAQs relevant to the product. As a seller to rank on the platform, we must ensure that all our products have proper descriptions that are readily available for the customer to see. All the product’s best features should also be mentioned using illustrative slides and pictures, making the product more appealing. Lastly, we must ensure that the product received by our customers is the same as advertised.” — Robin

4. Keep your prices competitive

Prices also affect sales. As an Amazon seller, one of your “must-do” tasks is to compare prices with your competitors. Take the time to compare prices with the top sellers in the same category and find a midpoint. But if your product is in a category with tens of thousands of sellers, it may be too difficult and time-consuming to compare prices yourself. In this situation, repricing software will automatically set suitable prices.

5. Offer Amazon Prime.

With 153 million members, offering Amazon Prime is a no-brainer. Make your product available on Amazon prime to amass more sales and reviews. Of course, the entire Amazon marketplace has millions of buyers, but chances are you are missing out on sales since many of your competitors have their products eligible for Amazon Prime. So, don’t restrict yourself or limit sales — get listed on Amazon prime to improve amazon sales rank.

6. Get more Amazon reviews.

” Positivereviews boost your Amazon ranking. Especially in the case of broader searchterms. The chances of your product ranking higher increase when you have many positive reviews. People view reviews as a way of trusting brands. They might personally know the person leaving the review. But seeing them talk positively helps them positively see the product. If you have a lot of good reviews, then many people are buying your product, which automatically increases your Amazon Rank.” — Cole

Reviews are a catalyst for good sales. A seller may have an excellent product title, great description and detailed images, but for most buyers, reviews determine their final decision. Make an effort to get Amazon reviews ( good ones of course). To do this, here are a few simple tips:

  • Ask for reviews via email after purchase. Automate this process to avoid omission.
  • Include a note with the products. The note should appreciate the buyer, then ask them to leave a review.
  • Try Amazon vine. Amazon vine allows a seller to give products to trusted Amazon customers in exchange for honest reviews.

7. Promote your Amazon listing.

Promotion brings about more sales, which improves Amazon sales rank. Try running discounted sales events to generate more traffic and boost sales. This should not be a one-off; do it regularly to get good results.

Amazon offers advertising options for sellers. Run ads on and off Amazon to also boost sales and sales rank. Social channels provide subtle ways to boost sales, too. Run ads on social channels and host giveaways when possible.

Incorporate these tips in your strategy but more importantly ensure your products are high-quality. Remember, a good product is easier to promote compared to one of poor quality.

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